Messages are available in three formats.  


PDF for those who like to read.  

Audio for those who like to listen as they drive, go for a walk.  

Video for those who like the visual as well as audio.


Archived Messages in 2019

What's The Word?


Inclusive Jesus

God So Loved

The One Who Believes, The One Who Does Not

Get Up And Walk!

Water Into Wine.

Why I Pierced My Ear

Jealous God

Consider Jesus


How Do I Take A Step of Faith? Part 1

How Do I Take A Step of Faith? Part 2

How Do I Take A Step of Faith? Part 3

Why The Law?

Enter .... Apollos!


Who's Your Daddy?

The Ethiopian Eunuch

The Faith of a Canaanite Woman

The Faith of Lydia

The Council at Jerusalem


Two Sons

He Is Risen - - And So Will We!

Peter's Commissioning

Rags Soaked With Blood

The Exorcist

Judges - Jephthah

Judges - Deborah and Barak

Judges - Samson

Judges - The Israelite Civil War

The Deity of Christ

The Humanity of Christ

The Trinity

Spiritual Review

Not Our Righteousness

We Trust Because God Loves

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