Archived Messages in 2017

December Messages

Zechariah in the Temple

God Revealed

Joy and Peace be to You

Eschatology Introduction

Daniel & Nebuchadnezzar's Dream

A Message to Gog

The Mark of the Beast

Desert Wanderings -

Two Strikes You're Out!

You Asked For Quail


Salvation -

Righteousness of the Saved

Why We Really Don't Want to be Saved

I Corinthians Study -


Spiritual Gifts


Difficult Passages

Without Prejudice

Arrival in Corinth


Water Baptism

Trusting God

There's Got to be a Better Way

The Prophets - Introduction

Malachi - Doubting God's Love

Haggai - Build My Temple For I Am With You

Joel - Rend Your Heart

The Nature of Inspiration

Historical Reliability

The Canon of Scripture

How To Read The Bible

A Peek At Christianity

The Daring Faith of Abraham

What Does Faith Look Like?

Female Disciples in the Early Church

She Has Done a Beautiful Thing

Jesus Resurrected

Connection With God

Where Did Prayer Come From?

Protestant Christian Prayer and Spirituality

When God Doesn't Answer Prayer

Church History


Imperial Church and Monastic Movement

Creeds and Councils

Medieval Church

Eastern Church

The Sermon on the Mount

We Are All Builders

The Astonishing Message of Jesus Christ

Are We Blessed?

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